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(ILR) Patrícia Chamrazová

Case Study

How can each new sense nurture the connective tissue that binds the human and the nonhuman in an increasingly intimate dance? I am speculating on posthuman sensory perceptions to explore the space between utopian and dystopian versions of posthumanism, where radical empathetic connections are possible. Does the speculative sympoiesis of technological innovation and microbiology have the potential to bring the human and the nonhuman closer together?

My ongoing research is driven by contemporary issues of emerging biotechnologies, human and nonhuman cognition, and beyond-human relations. With the help of worldbuilding, what-if scenarios, and 3D animation the proposal aims to transcends the idea of symbiosis within the concept of better futures in posthuman realities, and deconstruct the notion of species-based supremacy.

Conceptual framework

I aim to use new ways of interdisciplinary thinking of posthumanities by applying these critical and contextual tactics: From transhumanism, which considers the possibility of using technology to enhance human capabilities, both physically and cognitively. This includes discussions about cyborgs, biohacking, and the way technology is being integrated into the human body. To critical posthumanism, which challenges the anthropocentric view that claims humans are at the centre of the universe. It demands a more ecological and intertwined understanding of coexistence. The acknowledgment of the agency and significance of nonhuman beings in the shaping of the world is at the heart of critical posthumanism(*7). I take it through Ferrando’s and Braidotti’s writings (*8) maintaining an ecofeminist perspective including Haraway’s sympoietic kinships (*9). Haraway’s tentacular thikning (*10) and Beil’s conception of utopian futures (*11) will help me to work with research as speculation and to use fiction as practice. I look at both sciences and humanities to explore pathways for mutual advancement.

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My goal in this project is to speculate on posthuman sensory perceptions. By combining posthuman theories, microbiology, 3D animation and storytelling, I want to provide a space for the examination of an idea of the in-between (*4), or metaxy (*5) of utopian and dystopian versions of posthumanism where radical empathetic connections are possible. Does speculative sympoiesis (*6) of technological innovations and microbiology have the potential to bring the human and the nonhuman closer together? I think about the values that we want to advance. Can altruism, empathy and care go on in posthuman times?

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