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Complexity-Probability-Posthumanism: Symposium and Laboratory (Framework by Sepideh Majidi)


Apply Now Through Sep 27th

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To think or talk about the posthuman in relation to the human coherently without falling back on the anthropocentric point of view, we need elaboration and analysis of our current methods and concepts in terms of probability, complexity, and dynamic systems. Here we aim to study these processes and their possible trajectories in physical systems, biological systems, social systems, as well as computational, cognitive, and perceptual systems, and also philosophical models, forms of reasoning, and language.

It is important to emphasize the differences, similarities, and limitations of these fields of studies and not overextend or convolute their frameworks and underlying concepts onto one another.

Our upcoming research will start by looking at three scientific paradigms characterized by classical dynamics, linear thermodynamics, and non-linear dynamics or complex systems theory.


Complexity, probability, and dynamic systems are relevant trajectories and essential fields for posthumanism to explore. Although we are aware of the contribution by many of the scholars to these paradigms, we are still missing the methodological investigation of these topics in many current posthuman study circles. This is crucial because it raises and addresses many issues and questions in current posthuman theories, such as Posthuman Agency, Posthuman Ecology, Posthuman Embodiment, Posthuman Ethics, Intelligence, and Computation. We can also address basic problems, such as the chronological views of posthumanism, future intelligence, singularity, the relations to the unbound, and criticism of dialectics with post dialectical points of view, and many more.

Here we introduce a series of frameworks in order to start these conversations, which can be shared with a larger audience and also put into practice and experimentation in a methodological way within our labs.

Laboratories Involved in the discussion:

Complex and Dynamic Systems Lab The symposium "Complexity-Probability-Posthumanism" is in the form of the Complex and Dynamic Systems Lab within Foreign Objekt. All the materials can be presented in this lab and also the Posthuman Lab. Complex and Dynamic Systems Lab Instructors, Participants, and Presenters: :

Sepideh Majidi: Complexity- Probability- Posthumanism Sep 15th-Oct15th

Anna Longo: Probability and Decision Theory Sep 17th

And more… Here we focus on both sides--posthumanism and also complex, dynamic systems studies. All the materials is shared between the researchers and artists and researchers who are working in these labs, and also the Foreign Objekt Study Group members and the public. Since we are creating this series of discussions, and this is a complex and vast field, it may not be possible to tackle the subject in a short time, with only a few panels. We can think about it more as a long-term project in the form of a research group that continues and builds on these studies through 2022-2023.. Some information about the Posthuman Lab and current research group participating in the Dynamic Systems Lab:

Sub-laboratories related to core concepts:

Link to the Complex and Dynamic Systems Lab:

Sub-laboratories that relate to your core concepts:

Physical systems

Biological systems

Social Systems


Cognitive and Perceptual Systems

Philosophical Models

Forms of Reasoning, Language

Link to Artists’ and Researcher’s Group:

Link to the Artists' Diagrams:

Link to the process development of the exhibition XENNOVERSE


Link to the Artists' Publications: TBA

Current Schedule:

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