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Intelligence - Love - Revolution

Intelligence-Love-Revolution, as an educational program, is a collective task of ongoing research, facilitated through an interactive network of philosophers, artists, scientists, and activists. This initiative thrives on propositions and explanations that stem from deep engagements with our practical case studies and theoretical frameworks, actively renegotiating and re-axiomatizing our understanding of the world. Participants in this dynamic platform contribute to, and expand upon, conceptual groundwork, continuously modifying and amplifying existing philosophical and theoretical models and their interrelations. This process not only looks at the trajectories and ramifications of these models but also ensures that philosophy—as a discipline dedicated to love and intelligence— evolves. Through this collaborative and transformative endeavor, we extend an invitation to engage in a shared repository. This communal pool, or open-source toolkit, is designed to navigate and respond to the increasingly complex behaviors and attitudes among interacting agents, challenging entrenched systems and stimulating transformative changes, reflecting the dynamic interplay between philosophical thought and the world.

Link to application, program overview, and framework:


Program Overview


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