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(ILR) Shyama V S: Mirror

Case Study

In the tech world, eye tracking softwares map where your gaze goes and rests as you engage with your screen. I would like to capture women’s gaze against their own reflection in the mirror through this work. This practice led approach is to confront the dissonance between self-love (Love) and the pervasive, often judgmental, external forces that shape our perception. Through practice, my work responds to the theme of being seen, who is looking and who is judging a woman against the backdrop of the beauty industry and commercial illustration world.

I would like to create a 3D illustration of a woman, as seen by the 3D commercial illustration style and also as seen by women. I would like to create an artwork titled Mirror which would be a 3D commercial style illustration with textures of black and brown bodies which are not what I learned to draw, while learning to illustrate. Through a research probe I would like to work with others to mark physical insecurities against an anatomical drawing. I want to learn about the monthly upkeep measures like threading, manicures, facials, serums and all the potions in the world. How does one relate to the costs attached to creating visual.

My exploration will involve two distinct representations of a woman: one rendered in a 3D commercial illustration style. The other will be a collaborative creation with AI. I would like to learn from AI on how to create your AI woman.

My artistic process aligns with Donald Schön's concept of reflective practice. The project begins with a reflection-in-action, acknowledging the constant societal gaze and its influence on self-perception. The research probe, where participants mark insecurities on anatomical drawings, serves as a form of reflection on action. This collaborative process allows participants to confront their internalized judgments and reveal the hidden costs of maintaining a curated image. By learning from AI's approach to creating idealized beauty and then subverting those expectations, I will engage in a continuous cycle of reflection and experimentation, ultimately aiming to create an artwork that challenges the status quo.

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