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Maure Coise: Cataloging Instruments

Cataloging Instruments

A Reading Session with Maure Coise

Sunday, June 23rd, at 10 am Pacific Time

Rhythm can be a series of sounds or groups of sound series. A sound can have a value relative to silence (call it an eighth note). Whether or not you count or keep time, every sound has a position and place that provides the basis for a sound to follow. If you have a working knowledge of proportionality, you can forget the sound made seven sounds ago and still decide on the next sound in a way that connects to the vastness of rhythm. Practice engenders an aesthetic experience in listening to unfolding sounds; lingering among multiple possible groupings, new sounds are imagined proportionally by finding assonance. Genetic cells modulate, fold, and change, yet a cell is a cell because it maintains compatible relations in group(s). In considering rhythm, in music or poetry, how do you decide on recurrence or variable repetition of a sound? You might walk over here to write on the laptop or over there to play the drum kit, and those differences shape the causal order, adding factors determining access to the sound decision. 

This interactive workshop consists of twelve exercises grouped into three series. The aim is to work on writing life archives using an expanded sense of the concept of the instrument. The first series has nine exercises based on the suggested texts. The exercise is to define nine terms or concepts drawn from the readings. You create a dictionary or thesaurus of terms, and they can diverge from whatever I or the texts suggest. The requirement is that each definition includes the previous definition until all nine terms are in the last one. The second series has two exercises in which I will describe two musical instruments, and you will write about how you would relate to these instruments, which might mean how you would make them, perform them, or use them in a composition. The third series has one exercise divided into four sections, and the fourth section has four sections. You will write a description of a memory of a musical event using a format to catalog chronologies, geographies, forms, and mediums (instruments, ensembles, orchestras, and drama).


Diana Garza Islas. 2015. from Black box named like to me.

Tori Kudo. 2019. Je est un autre.

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