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(ILR) Thomas Mical: Mad-Love Spiralling Schizo-Revolutions From The Erosphere

Case Study

Mad-Love Spiralling Schizo-Revolutions From The Erosphere

This presentation first reconfigures the expected standards of the case study by posting the condition of “the emergence of the two” as primary event for intelligence-love-revolution. With a case study of the two, we seek to identify a hybridized form of covert situational intelligence foreshadowing processes of love. We choose bifurcation to follow the surrealist para-logic of detecting unconscious hidden connection.

The first case study is the older science-fiction film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004, writer: Kaufman, director: Gondry) – exemplary of certain posthumanism that operates inside the diegetic space of the film (and the spectral space outside the film peripheries). Posthuman technicity and posthuman time also occupy a superposition outside the film. Posthuman media technologies tension and then circuit forces in a slipping series of micro- erasures, micro-reversals, and micro-inversions. These operations seem to circulate under the narrative as an algebra of erotic ontology, repeatedly importing us to “solve for X”.

The base mechanosphere of technicity and equipment gives rise to a superstructure of the flux mechanics of thought, the noosphere. Between the two, cinematic consciousness. Here automation is the regulator and compressor of the psyche; automatism is the explosive wonderland emanating from the subconscious. Here too is potential love, potential intelligence, potential revolution.

The second case study is the prior recurring summer public festival in Berlin called “The Love Parade” (1989-2003). Here the surging power of high-energy music fusing with the surging power of the crowds (and the erotic ontology of the festival as shifting field condition of potentiality) draw the psyche into sub-sentient grooves of all forms of rhythmic spatial distortions, combining techno with ecstasy with eros in the swarming collective hivemind. In this sonic landscape the divided mind of the one is downshifted into the primitive realm through the curious libidinal economy of movement in the Love Parade.

Again, the base mechanosphere of technicity and equipment gives rise to a superstructure of the flux mechanics, now legible as a precipitation of an erosphere enmeshed within the noosphere. Here repetition and automation is the downshifter of the psyche; while automatism remains the explosive wonderland but here liberated through sensory overload traversing the subconscious. Automatism after the Love Parade is excitable, ecstatic.

Ultimately this bifurcated case study will activate a hidden datum interlacing noospherical intelligence (called the erosphere) with surrealist “mad love” obsessive with schizo- revolutions in the mind and body. This datum is the secret reservoir we historicize as descendent from surrealist thought and practice – the fusion of life and dream, the exposure of true processes of thought, pure psychic Automatism (now activated in the age of cognitive capitalism in a war against automation, mass customization, platform capitalism, capitalist realism). Automatism is the link between intelligence + love + revolution.

The project of art in the age of posthumanism is the process of Delaminating Realities. Unlike the medieval music of the spheres, we note the contemporary entanglement of multiple spheres in a vast active living intelligence system (V-A-L-I-S, after PKD) that is a gyroscopic planetary ouroboros whose layers include the Mechanosphere, the Biosphere, the Noosphere, and our own speculative Erosphere.

The potential of intelligence + love + revolution hovers in the intervals, gaps, and breaks of the everyday – as barely perceptible openings of surrealist eros and the flickering unconscious, reduplicated in the cinematic intelligence under the cypher of diffusion. And streaming realities. To breach these openings, we need specialist equipment. The performance requirements demand conjoining modified desiring-machines in tandem with forms of mad love – these machines being obscure, irrational, cognitive, or esoteric “mad machines.” This includes a growing list of transducers, amplifiers, portable terraforming herbaria, divergence-engines, concept-totems, infinity-machines, air looms, dire-funnels, jugaad time machines, sorcerer diagrams, floating mountains ,,, The proposed revival of the Surrealist war against the banality of the everyday is the radical tactical ambition of forms of mad love with mad machines deployed to accomplish liberation of the potentiality of new forms of INTELLIGENCE + LOVE + REVOLUTION.

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